A ‘Ground Up’ Point of View

A pretty bold, if small gesture for one lonely little strand of Vinca.

It’s natural enough to want to be impressed, to want to be amazed, stunned, made speechless      . . . blown away. And really, in this day and age of continual visual and aural bombardment we are probably all a bit jaded, and if we’re honest, addicted, to the bold promise, the over-the-top gesture, the “IN YOUR FACE” attention grabbing smack down.

Fritillaria meleagris (Snakeshead Fritillary)are just beginning to push skyward, but their stunning, checkered blooms are as yet, only promises.

Which means that little things, not-yet-showy things don’t, maybe even can’t capture our attention and help us remember what ‘amazing’ really looks like anymore.

'Tete a Tete' Narcissus emerge from within an insulated bed of conifer needles.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . come back when you’ve got five hundred of those guys in bloom, all in one big, bold swath. Until then, I’m busy chuckling and re-posting a link to that latest Jack-In-The-Box bacon-cheeseburger commercial, and you’re boring me!” (Actual imaginary quote from imaginary Homer Simpson type person who just doesn’t get it.)

Noble, generous, longsuffering, Hellebores of many shades offer extra beauty to those willing to pause, bend and kneel for it.

‘Detoxing’ seems to be a pretty big deal in many circles these days. Ever consider ‘detoxing’ your eyes, your imagination? You won’t need to run down to your local supplements store for the latest forty dollar jar of chocolate flavored smoothie powder or stick special, toxin-absorbing pads on the soles of your feet. Just put on some shoes and a jacket, and wander out into the garden, or the woods, and get down low to the ground. And then, wait. Wait long enough to really feel the cold in your toes and your knees. Wait until those chattering monkeys in your head begin to grow quieter and you can actually hear birds’ voices in the distance, and the wind in your own hair. Wait until you begin to notice those little things that are going on all around you, even if it is still so cold where you live that those ‘little things’ are merely the swirl of snowflakes on the ground, or the drip, drip drip of melting icicles.

And while you’re down there looking, listening, don’t forget . . .

Namasté, friends.