This Is For All The Lonely People

…thinking that life has passed them by

Days like today are never simple. Most of us, even if we know we are loved, have some achey corner of our lives that remains stained with loss or regret. Most of us face our days as courageously as we can, but hold, somewhere deep inside the knowledge that we were not enough for someone, not enough to keep them from leaving us, not enough for them to treat us generously, or fairly, not enough for them to love us the way we long to be loved. Days like this give us the chance to remind others how beautiful they are to us. But they may also, unintentionally serve as days that remind us love has not treated us quite as kindly as we were taught to hope it would, and that all the saccharine sweet wishes in the world will not make even one of them taste any more like the honey that is love returned.


This is for each of you who has ever experienced the horror of having been thrown away by someone. It is for those who have been lied about, stolen from, made fun of. It is for those who remain unseen, under-appreciated, frozen by fear.

Today, may you find permission to begin forgiving yourself for those achey scars you suspect make you unloveable. May you find some small measure of permission to love yourself a bit more generously, if simply by realizing that you are not at all alone in feeling so alone. And may that in turn free you to drop your guard, if only a little, to let another venture closer where they can begin to love you too.

This Is For All The Lonely People   (Remember this song by America?)