The Easter Egg Hide Guide

As Approved by Emma and Harrison

It may have been a while for some of you, you know, since you were a kid yourself, thinking kid thoughts, doing kid things. So, with the approach of Easter, at least the more Pagan side of Easter, it occurred to me that some of us who need to tackle some of those more playful ‘grown up responsibilities’, aka, hiding the eggs, might actually benefit from a bit of a refresher course. Ready?

How exactly can you hide those Easter Eggs in a way that they will provide a fun, playful challenge for the kids (It doesn’t matter how old these kids are, just apply these principles to their age range, even if the “kids” are in their forties. ), but not so much of a challenge that you’ll be discovering eggs, again and again, throughout the spring and summer as they explode in all their rotten, sulfurous glory, ruining your sunny, backyard lunches and giving the neighborhood raccoons tummy aches?

Please forgive the typo at the end of the video. Eggs are dyed, not died. My apologies.

…as opposed to

And remember, special prizes should always be awarded for the finders of the extra special eggs, like “THE BAD EGG”. Now get out there and rediscover your own inner kid  by showing some other kiddies a good time. Happy Easter, my friends!

Photographer’s Note: For those who wonder about such things, all of these photos as well as the video were made with my little iPhone 4, and processed in the iPhone app, “Camera+”. Typography was added later in Photoshop.