Early Morning Garden Photo Shoots

Join me in 2015 for your own personalized garden photography session and home-cooked breakfast in my West Seattle garden.


I love working with students, both in the classroom and in workshop settings, but I often wish that I could really focus in on just one or two persons at a time, exploring more deliberately with them, working at their pace, helping them become better acquainted with their inner storytellers, master their cameras, refine their unique ways of seeing, and of course, helping them unravel their most frustrating limitations. To that end, I will once again be opening up my own personal garden for a limited number of one-on-one and/or two-on-one breakfast photography sessions during those garden-friendly months running from late April, onward.

20130426-DPP-249We will begin our morning just as early as you’re willing to arrive (we’ll agree upon a time beforehand), literally from first light onward, starting you off with your choice of a steaming mug of coffee or tea, and a brief stroll around the awakening garden. Once you’ve had a chance to acquaint yourself with the different rooms of the garden and we’ve talked a bit about your hopes for our session, we will begin looking in earnest for early morning pictures that please your eye, then explore ways you can enhance and refine them. I’ll help you improve your compositions through in-camera cropping. We’ll work on increasing your awareness of everything within the camera’s frame and then adjust your shooting point of view to allow your pictures to tell a better story. Unless you have already mastered it, we’ll spend time learning how to control depth of field and how to choose the focal length of your lens to achieve the look and feel you want your photo to capture. Sometimes the path to a far better photo is as simple as including a little more … or a little less, adjusting your exposure, or simply anticipating and then waiting for the light to change.

20130531_DPPMy garden is not particularly large (meaning that it is a double city lot rather than a sprawling country estate), and it is quite certainly not fussy, but it does consist of several distinct ‘rooms,’ is very camera friendly and has been planted and tended especially with the needs of a garden-loving photographer in mind. It has been the source of many published images, as well as hundreds of the garden and bouquet photos posted on my Facebook page, in The 50 Mile Bouquet and on my blog for the past nine years. I am quite confident that you will be able to find many delicious photo opportunities to stir your imagination here, as well as a sense of privacy and camaraderie that will allow you to breathe easily and take some empowering, photographic risks.

We may even cut for a bouquet for you to shoot within a garden setting or against my copper-patinaed back door.20140420_DPP-37s

At some point in the morning you will probably begin to feel hungry, and at that point while you continue to work on capturing beautiful garden shots in the morning light I will excuse myself to the kitchen, just for a bit, to prepare your breakfast. I love making frittatas in a copper skillet with fresh, farmer’s-market-eggs, select cheeses and whatever is fresh in the garden, finishing them under the gas broiler. If you enjoy such fare, I’ll gladly make you one, loaded with a selection of flavorful delicacies that hit your culinary happy spot, as well as juice, toast or muffins and fresh fruit. If you don’t like eggs or big breakfasts of any kind, I’ll serve you old-fashioned oatmeal, or yogurt and fresh seasonal 20110516_DPP-4fruit, instead, including organic strawberries, raspberries and/or blueberries from the garden, if ripe, and your choice of toast or muffins, with homemade jam. When weather allows, we’ll dine either on the back deck or out on the large, covered front porch.

We will eat, we will talk and we will look at and discuss what you’ve shot thus far. And then, as time allows, we will head back out into the garden to see if maybe, with everything we’ve learned, we can coax just a few more stunning images into revealing themselves before our time in the garden is complete.

Price for your personalized, three and a half hour workshop is $285 for one person and $395 for two, and includes a signed copy of The 50 Mile Bouquet or a signed print of my garden for each person in attendance.  Call or email me to inquire or set up a time for your very own, private breakfast shoot.

(206) 949-4092


4 thoughts on “Early Morning Garden Photo Shoots”

  1. I just bought my first camera since 1976! I bought a Canon and I hope to develop a beautiful artistic eye for capturing the world around me. I am most interested in a spring or summer breakfast shoot with you. I may bring a girlfriend…

    1. Hi Kandyce,

      Thank you for your kind note. I’m so very pleased to hear from you and would be simply delighted to have you come visit my garden (with or without your girlfriend), for a private breakfast workshop.

      When you’re a bit clearer on timing, please be in touch so that we can get you on the calendar and start the process properly. I try to get each of my workshoppers to send me a small folio of their photos in advance (six or eight that they really like and a few that they don’t feel they were able to do justice to), to help me understand where they are in their photographic journey, what their primary interests are, and the places where they feel somewhat stuck. I will then offer some feedback on these images as a way of getting started and will direct your workshop assignment based upon that. Make sense?

      PS: Tried emailing you direct but got an undeliverable message.

  2. Hello I took the short workshop on Sat at the SF Home and garden show. You open a whole new world od using my iPhone. The link to your handouts unfortunately doesn’t work. Could you send another? Thanks so much!

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