Witness to a Primeval Dance:

 The salmon are spawning in Longfellow Creek 

Today is Thursday. I shot this video footage on Tuesday and posted it to my Facebook page yesterday (Wednesday). And though I know there will be some overlap between my Facebook friends and those who simply follow my blog, I really wanted to share it here because it is beautiful and because it so true to what this blog strives to be about. So for those of you who are getting an unwanted double dose, I apologize.

I could go on and on about what this ritual stirs within my heart but I think it might be best to simply set the stage and then step out of the way, letting the moments speak for themselves. We have, without question, made a mess of the world we live in, polluting our rivers and choking out entire eco-systems with our love of ease and ‘me-first’ lifestyles. And yet, despite this gauntlet that we as humans have laid down against our brother and sister, and distant cousin species, the will to live, to spawn another generation remains powerful and yes, sacred. These fish are enacting an ancient ritual that certainly predates  the ‘civilization’ of this country by eons and they are doing it in a creek that flows through a Seattle city neighborhood and beneath a steel mill, and that was blocked and polluted, and made uninhabitable for decades. Longfellow Creek has slowly been being restored to a faint semblance of health by volunteers and by school children, and what you see here is a small candle of hope that we can, if we try, help resolve some of the problems that our heavy footprints upon the land have created.


PS: Be sure to click on the ‘view full screen” button and set the quality to 720HD (these options will be available in the menu bar at the bottom of the video window), if you really want to see the details of this dance. Some of it is pretty subtle and will be difficult to see unless viewed in the larger format.

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