Come Walk With Me…

Glimpses from a Bloedel Reserve walkabout.



For many avid garden lovers, this weekend’s stunning, Premier Plant Sale would have been all the reason needed to head to The Bloedel Reserve. Not me. Not quite. The main reason I carved out time on an otherwise busy Friday to hop a ferry across the sound was to walk and sit, and kneel once again within those immense, lush, silent spaces that make up one of my favorite gardens, to attune my city-battered eyes and ears to a world that one can actually see and hear breathing, and to breathe with it. I went, first, for healing and wonder time in the garden and once again found my vision-hungry heart stretched and fed. There is big magic afoot on Bainbridge Island and it is always worth the effort to immerse oneself within it.


The air was cool and wet, pregnant with woodland smells and mist, and birdsong.




Along deep, shady pathways, wondrous things are happening. Tomorrow there will be different, wonderful things happening. This is exactly as it should be.




20130405_DPP-244Look around, maybe just over the crest of that grassy hill. Some important, much-needed lesson awaits you, awaits your discovery and affirmation. Are you game?


20130408_DPP-29Yes, of course I brought plants home from the sale. Several of them as a matter of fact. But no matter how amazing these new garden members are (that’s one of them to the right), they were not my primary reason for visiting. For me, one of the great beauties of ‘Bloedel’ is this,   “…the best things that you could ever possibly hope to take home from this wondrous place are not for sale and cannot be bought. They are not reserved for the highest bidder, but are instead yours for the seeing, the hearing, the smelling, if only you will walk a bit, tarry a bit, and as always, if you’ll merely say, yes.”

Namasté, my friends.



12 thoughts on “Come Walk With Me…”

  1. I well remember that misty day when garden bloggers descended on this beautiful place. So many people and still there were quiet, mysterious places to enjoy and absorb. This was a beautiful reminder of that day.

    1. I cannot tell you how much fun it was to visit so many blogs after that rainy workshop day, to see through others’ eyes as they explored the “assignment” I sent them out with, and to be allowed to discover Bloedel all over again through them. Thank you for reminding me, my friend.

  2. This was my favorite place — and what a place! — on the Seattle Fling a couple of years ago. Thank you for your beautiful photos, for stirring my memories of our rainy-day visit.

    1. Pam, you’re absolutley welcome, of course. Funny, your name came up just the other day when I was there. I was talking to Heidi of Dragonfly Nursery during the plant sale and she spoke so glowingly about the beautiful photo you had made of some of the sculptures at her place after the Fling gathering moved from Bloedel to Dragonfly. Two big fans of yours, standing in the Northwest mists with big grins on their faces and sending warm thoughts your direction. Were your ears burning?

  3. Wow some of those photos are amazing. I love the richness of the color you achieved. That willow photo is wonderful as well as the one above it.

    1. Jim, I’m touched by your kindness. Making time to say something encouraging is such a wonderful trait. I’m honored to make your acquaintance, and pleased that these pictures found a responsive chord within you.

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